Quick and Easy 3D Imaging Software for Every Dentist

Powered by a new 3D VR graphic engine, Ez3D-i the ideal tool to quickly and easily obtain the correct perspectives for accurate, true-to-measure diagnosis.


  • Various VR Colouring Modes
  • Intuitive Implant Simulation Tools
  • Collision Detection (Implant/Canal)
  • Bone Density Verification
  • Oblique Viewing Tools
  • 3D Panoramic Navigation
  • 2-Click Airway Analysis
  • Multiple Sectional Curves and Segmentation Tools


  • Presentation Moxde
  • Over 200 Consultation VideOS
  • Easy to Capture Diagnostic Image
  • 3D Panoramic Navigation

Supports Various VR Colouring modes

  • Teeth Mode
  • Bone Mode
  • Soft-Tissue Bone Mode
  • MIP Mode
  • Soft-Tissue Mode

Virtual Consultation Tool

  • Over 200 Consultation Videos
  •  Creation of Personalized Consultation Materials

Implant Simulation

  • 3 Click Implant Simulation
  • Collision Detection
  • Bone Density
  • 3D Panoramic Navigation
  • Oblique View Mode

Provides Quick and Accurate Cross-Section

  • 8 Multi-Section(Curve) Management
  • One-Click Cross Section (3D PAN tab)
  • Canal Drawing


  • Switch quickly and easily between multiply VR views

2- Click Airway Analysis

  • With two clicks, obtain the volume and minimum axial area of an airway for efficient airway diagnsis

Feature VATECH'S Virtual Consultation Tool

  • With over 200 unique animations, the virtual consultation tool gives dentists the tools to not only educate  patients on treatment plans, but also to show how the plan is relevant to their specific case

3D Panoramic Navigation

  • Navigation box available with 360 angulation
  • Easy navigation to obtain a sectional view of the region of interests

MPR AXIS SET, Getting back to the position

  • Finding the implants position immediately with MPR set when dentists set the implant position
  • No need for manipulating 3 planes in repeated simulations

Multi-CURVE Management

  • Draw sectional curves from either the MPR view or sectional view
  • Easily manage and up to 8 different sectional curves
  • Intuitive click-and-drag sectional view manipulation 

Implant Simulation

  • Available in all viewing modes in Ez3D-i (MPR/section/3D PAN)
  • Colourised bone density viewing modes available
  • Avoid nerve and implant collision through the adjustable automatic detection

Click Point Implant Simulation

  • Possible to place multiple implants quickly and simply by clicking points on 3D CBCT images
  • Especially useful for patient consultation of multi-implant cases  

Accurate And Convenience Obnject Registration

  • Simply Match and 3D CBCT image with 3-point picking 
  • Enable fine-tune in 3 planes to get an accurate registration`

Superimposition (Optional)

  • Able to compare pre- and post- treatment in 3D CBCT  image
  • Possible adjustment with colouring and windowing for each 3D CBCT images independently for optimized for optimized comparisons 

This innovative software enables volume rendering based analysis expanding the usage of 3D software.

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