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Perfect Aesthetic Zirconia Solution

Product Line Up

Multilayer ZR

The last solution “Perfit ZR TS-ML”

Perfit ZR TSML is made out of “4Y-TZP” and “5Y-TZP“. This structure
creates natural teeth with high translucency on the incisal and strength on
the cervical. Vatech MCIS is leading its trendy zirconia and it will be a good
choice of no regret.

Sintering Schedule

“9 Layered structures” creates ultimate naturalness

Perfit ZR’ is 5+4 seamless multilayer with natural gradation color. There are 5 main layers on the surface and 4 transition zones connects between the main layers smoothly

Perfit ZR is partially sintered zirconia disc that features VATECH’s Uniform Compaction Firing (UCF) technology to optimize machinability, isotropic shrinkage, and physical properties including flexural strength, translucency, and shades.

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