Product highlights

EzRay Premium provides diagnostic values with advanced technology.

A focal spot of 0.4 mm create sharpen images perfectly matched to whatever digital intraoral sensor, PSP or film product you use.

Safe & Clear Image

User friendly

Easy to use

Intuitive icons on LED screen Detachable panel

Optimized automatic settings

EzRay Premium has a pre-programmed setting for each tooth. With one click of a button, it automatically optimizes image capturing such as capture area and patient condition for each case.


Retracted Wall Mount

Extended Position Wall Mount

Specification (VEX-S100W)

Focal Spot 0.4 mm
Tube Voltage (kV) Selectable 50 ~ 70kVp
Current 4 ~ 7 mA
Exposure Time Selectable 0.04 ~ 2.0 sec
Arm Length (Option) 450, 600, 900 mm
Line Voltage 100 ~ 230V ± 10%
Accessories Exposure hand switch
Cone Round 20cm (8")
Option: Round 30cm (12"), Rectangular 20cm / 30cm (8" / 12")

A focal spot of 0.4 mm, Streamline design for easy one-hand grip, Only 2 click needs for capturing, Detachable Control Panel

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