Slim, more comfortable digital intraoral sensor

4.8 mm, Ultra-slim Design for Easy Positioning

Slim CMOS ensures that patients are as comfortable as possible

Patient Oriented Design

Rounded corner design allows maximum comfortable placement against soft tissue

Trustworthy Image

EzSensor Classic provides the image for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Powerful Consultation

EzCodi, The complete solution for your consultation.

Technology at Glance

Specifications (EzSensor Classic: IOS-U10IB / IOS-U15IB / IOS-U20IB / IOS-U10VB / IOS-U15VB / IOS-U20VB

Detector CMOS
Pixel Size 29.6 μm
Theoretical Resolution 17 lp/mm
Dynamic Range 12 bit
Active Area (WxL] Size 1.0 _ 20 x 30mm
Size 1.5 _ 24 x 33mm
Size 2.0 _ 26 x 36mm
Dimensions (WxLxT] Size 1.0 _ 25.4 x 36.8mm (1.00 x 1.45 inch)
Size 1.5 _ 29.2 x 39.5mm (1.14 x 1.55 inch)
Size 2.0 _ 31.3 x 42.9mm (1.23 x 1.69 inch
Thickness 4.8 mm (0.19 inch)
Cable Length 2.7 m

| Intended use |

Intra-Oral Sensor is intended to collect dental x-ray photons and convert them into electronic impulses that may be
stored, viewed and manipulated for diagnostic use by den

4.8mm Ultra slim design for easy positioning, Ergonomic design for a more comfortable placement in soft tissues,

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