Enhance the restoration with vivid shades and flawless precision

Key Feature

  • No acid in the liquid, therefore it is less pollution inside of sintering furnace.
  • If mixed two liquid, make an intermediate colors.
  • To adjust the less chroma, add water.
  • Liquids absorb well on the surface of zirconia.
  • Excellent compatibility with different types of zirconia.

Body Liquid

Coloring liquids that express dentin on body
Product Line-up – 16ea, 50ml / bottle
(A class – 5ea / B class – 4ea / C class – 4ea / D class – 3ea)

Effect Liquid


Apply to occlusal, molar-cusp, incisor, cervical root


Apply it for transparent enamel


Apply it for transparent enamel(opal)


Apply it to enamel parts for lower brightness

Dark Grey

Apply it to enamel parts for lower brightness


Apply it to the fossa


Apply it for gingival parts


Same as above but, higher concentration


Apply it to marginal ridge and light white line for higher brightness

Snow Light

Apply it to inside slightly for block out metal shade. (If applied too much, the inside of crowns can be distorted)


Use for expressing opaque color

The acid-free components in Perfit CL helps to reveal vivid colors of natural teeth.

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