World’s 1st Machinable Fully Sintered Zirconia Block

Flexural strength

>500MPa (3-point bending test)


>44% (1.0 mm thickness, by spectrophotometer)

White / Shade Blocks

Shade    In VITA 16 Classical Guide

Size      112 / C14 / C16 / B32

Multilayered Blocks

Shade     In VITA 16 Classical Guide

Size      C14 / C16 / B32

Perfit FS can be thinner than other materials

High strength enables 33% reduced tooth preparation compared to other glass ceramics

Glass Ceramics ( ZLS1), Ls22)

1) Zirconia reinforced lithium disilicate
2) Lithium disilicate

Perfit FS (ZrO2)

No Oven Needed

Save the chair time and focus more on your patients.

In general, after the lithium disilicate types are milled,
firing process must be required in the porcelain furnace for
approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
It is called as crystallization process However. Perfit FS, a fullysintered zirconia block, needs no additional firing process
after milling.

Wide Indication and Cost Effective

Perfit FS can be milled thinner than other glass ceramics, so it needs 33% less tooth preparation having wide indications.

Experience the cost effective and long lasting solution. Perfit FS’s reliable strength provides less risk of fracture during fabrication or use.
We ensure both customer’s and clinic’s satisfaction by providing the best products, while constantly challenging ourselves through continuous innovation.

Perfit FS is the most natural-looking zirconia with a flexural strength of 500 MPa.

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